Our Mission

Our Agency’s Mission

The Sephardic Community Center is a non-profit Jewish social service agency.

Our Center is dedicated to:

  • Cultivating and developing the spiritual, intellectual, moral and physical welfare of its members.
  • The inculcation and teaching of ideas of Americanism and Sephardic Judaism, according to the Shulhan Aruch and Customs of Aram Soba.
  • The fostering of a spirit of cooperation among Sephardic Jewish members of the community.
  • The participation and assistance in all activities for the improvement of the communal life.
  • Providing a home for the communal activities of the Sephardic Jewish community of Brooklyn.
  • To do all things necessary and proper for the fulfillment of the ideals of a Jewish Community Center.

The Sephardic Community Center endeavors to unify the Jewish community and to provide for the needs of the individual through leisure-time, educational, physical, cultural, recreational, civic and other related activities. Fundamental to the Center’s goals is the individual’s capacity for growth in his/her search for meaningful Jewish living. Our Center furthers good citizenship and encourages its members to participate in the life of the total community.